Covid Safety

We would like to inform you that a new Corona Protection Ordinance has come into force in the state of NRW as of today, Wednesday 10 November 2021.

This results in a change in the framework of the 3G check (vaccinated, recovered, tested).


All tested persons must now present a PCR or antigen test, which must not be older than 24 hours.

Previously, the tests could be 48 hours old.


Please use the following link to find test centres nearby the venue:

We have been closely monitoring the current situation in connection with the corona pandemic along with Koelnmesse, who are in close and constant exchange with the responsible authorities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With the support of external consultants, Koelnmesse’s competence team has expanded the in-house catalogue of measures for the implementation of the protection and hygiene concept in coordination with the North Rhine-Westphalia authorities for various events to suit the situation.

What we do for you


We ensure clean hands

We have increased the number of disinfectant dispensers on the entire premises of Koelnmesse. This means that a sufficient number and density of dispensers is available to you.

We intensify the cleaning

The entire exhibition grounds are regularly cleaned at increased intervals.

We regularly clean and check our sanitary areas

During an event, we increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the sanitary areas and on the entire exhibition grounds even more.

We have prepared our staff well

Protection and hygiene measures are additionally controlled and supported by specially trained personnel on the exhibition grounds.


Our technology is always up to date

The premises of Koelnmesse have a building management of the highest technical standard. All facilities are regularly inspected by independent experts to ensure that they are in perfect technical condition.

We provide fresh air quality in the halls

Our ventilation systems ensure a regular and close meshed air exchange in the halls. The quality of the new air is the same as the outdoor air.

We provide additional ventilation

Distance is our best congress format

The seating in the lecture rooms is arranged so that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between the participants.

We create space among ourselves

The aisles between the booths will be widened considerably. The participants of the trade fair can thus move freely in the aisles and at the same time adhere to the distance rules.

We have waiting areas with sufficient distance

To ensure this, we take a close look at the hall planning and visitor flows for each individual event. At points with potential for queuing, such as at hall crossings or entrances to sanitary facilities, additional waiting areas will be set up to provide sufficient distance.


We inform you in advance

Already during registration in the run-up to an event, all trade fair participants (visitors, exhibitors, journalists, employees, service companies) are informed about the hygiene and safety measures.

We have visible and audible information for you

During an event on the exhibition grounds, reference is made to the measures frequently and in a variety of ways (posters, flyers, loudspeaker announcements).

How you can protect yourself

We wear a mouth and nose protector - and you?

We want to take care of each other. Therefore, please wear a mouth-nose cover for the protection of all participants.

We keep our distance

We make sure that the minimum distance rule of 1.50 meters is observed and indicate this by appropriate floor markings. This applies, for example, to visitor entrances and foyers, sanitary facilities, counters in the press center, checkrooms, trade fair offices and info counters.

We preserve the etiquette

We have contact without physical contact

Since some time now we know politeness does not need handshakes. Therefore, please refrain from shaking hands and physical contact when you visit a trade fair.

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