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200,000 sq ft office block is the first building in Manchester to receive major environmental award

by | Sep 14, 2023

For the last two decades NOMA a 20-acre area surrounding Victoria Station in Manchester, has been going through renovation. Number 4 Angel Square which is a building within this area is the first building within Manchester to achieve a 5-Star NABER’s ‘design for performance’ rating. This means the 11-storey building has been classified as a highly-sustainable building, both during its construction phrase and for when it is in use.

This is a large milestone for the area and it is a step forwards for their plans for the future too. NOMA and neighboring areas are undergoing big developments in order to draw more people to the area and to provide businesses there with a positive and environmentally-friendly place to work.

The development director at the building’s asset managers, Dan Hyde said: “Businesses equally want to be part of locations with a sense of soul which foster community, offering diversity, and contributing positively to the urban landscape. All attributes we have in spades at NOMA. We are thrilled to unveil 4 Angel Square, a structure designed not just for today, but with tomorrow in mind as well. It stands as a pioneer among the next generation of sustainable office buildings at NOMA, and we look forward to welcoming the new occupiers to our growing neighbourhood very soon.”

This development shows how Manchester is committed to infrastructure that is positive for the environment through sustainability and they are committed to providing pleasant places which draw tenants in. It also showcases how important it is to consider the environment within industries such as construction, as new buildings will be around for a long time, so it is much better to make them sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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