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A BNQ Certification has been awarded to TIPA’s Home Compostable Pouches

by | Jun 6, 2024

The compostable packaging solutions company for fashion and food, TIPA, is a global leader within this industry and it was on the 3rd of June 2024, that they announced their newly awarded certification. This certification focuses on TIPA’s line of home compostable pouches, both with and without child-resistant zippers.

This excellent certification was presented to TIPA by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), which is Canada’s central standardisation and certification body. This is a brilliant achievement for TIPA, plus it highlights TIPA’s commitment to eco-friendly product innovation, whilst it also represents a highly trusted symbol of credibility. A symbol of credibility will become especially useful and important to the company, as they search to expand their North American reach. The specific pouches which have received this recognition are crafted from TIPA’s 608 laminate and have now become officially recognised within Canada as a Home Compostable Bag.

TIPA’s 608 is an innovative choice in material, as it is designed to break down into nutrient-rich soil once it is disposed of in-home or industrial composting bins. This means the material is able to offer a zero-waste alternative to conventional flexible packaging, which is a huge step forwards for the industry. TIPA chose to introduce 608 laminate to the North American market last year and pitched it as a product suited for local production, whilst the demand for eco-friendly packaging from retailers and consumers was starting to increase.

608 is a material which comes with multiple benefits and it is a huge step forwards for the plastic waste free and packaging industry. This material is printable, sealable and two-ply laminate, which is able to operate on most standard plastic packaging machinery. Furthermore, it offers a high oxygen and moisture barrier which provides extended shelf-life and this material is also deemed suitable for packaging dry and frozen foods and produce. It has also been recognised as an ideal material for flow wraps and pouches, plus it has the ability to include home-compostable and child-resistant zippers. Currently this packaging material is available for purchase in white and high transparent options and the manufacturers have also decided to supply this packaging in various ranges of thickness and applications.

A final benefit, is that it is TUV OK Home Compost certified and this certification comes with a ‘Mark of Conformity.’ This mark is stamped on the pouches and portrays that these packages are valid under the Compostable Bags Certification Program. The Composting Council of Canada and BN supervise this program and it is this organisation who hold the exclusive right to authorise the mark.

VP & GM North America at TIPA, Rodrigo Castaneda, commented, “The BNQ certification marks another milestone for TIPA, highlighting our ongoing commitment to providing the best sustainable packaging solutions commercially available in the market,” said “The certification represents a trusted symbol of credibility, reinforcing confidence in TIPA’s products as the adoption of eco-friendly practices becomes increasingly vital in Canada and the broader North American market.”

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