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A Green Guard Certification has been awarded to InkTec for their Pigment Ink

by | Jun 12, 2024

The recent Green Guard certification, which was awarded to InkTec, marks a huge achievement when it comes to environmental safety and sustainability standards. InkTec has received this award because of their leading pigment ink.

This is an incredibly significant award to receive, as the Green Guard certification is internationally recognised and it indicates that a particular product aligns with strict chemical emissions standards. This shows that the product is not only better for the environment, but that it helps to contribute to a healthier indoor environment as well. On top of what the award represents to society, the certification also emphasises InkTec’s commitment to producing environmentally responsible products. It also highlights how committed they are to producing products which do not compromise on quality or performance, whilst also being environmentally responsible.

The PEB pigment ink which InkTec produces is well-known and recognisable for its vibrant colours, its durability and its compatibility with a variety of different printing applications. Therefore, now that the ink has been awarded this certification, it will indicate to customers that through purchasing this ink, they will be supporting a healthier environment and will also be reducing any indoor air pollution.

The ink works with a range of printers, including, Epson, Mimaki and Roland printers with Epson Piezo Heads, such as the Epson Stylus 7000 / 9000 / 9500, the Mimaki JV22, JV33-160A & JV4-130 / 160 /180 and the Roland FP-740 & Hi-Fi Jet Pro FJ740, Pro II 540 / 640.

Managing Director of InkTec, Joey Kim, commented, “We are incredibly proud to receive the Green Guard certification for our PEB pigment ink. This achievement reflects our ongoing dedication to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of environmental safety.”

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