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A new paper tape which is strong and recyclable has been developed by monta

by | Jan 25, 2024

monta recently revealed the new paper tape they have developed, which has been added to their Greenline range. The tape features a natural rubber adhesive and backing, which was manufactured out of components sourced from sustainable forestry. The aim with this development is to encourage consumers and companies to transition to mono-material based, recyclable packaging solutions.

The tape, developed by monta, does not contain any plastic, as it is silicone-free, it only contains a carrier which is manufactured from sustainably sourced chlorine-free (ECF) bleached pulp. The lack of synthetic plastics within the tape, means that the product can be recycled, just as the carton pack can be.

During production at monta’s site in Germany, the tape is coated and this process incorporates a newly developed formula for a natural rubber adhesive. This new combination is suggested to provide much better immediate tack and adhesive strength values, plus the ability to reliably seal light to medium-heavy cardboard boxes, mail bags, pouches and cartons. The tape seals the package easily at room temperature and then has the ability to resist moisture and is unaffected by temperatures, up to a maximum of 60 degrees, for a short period of time. Water-based ink can also be used on the tape, which also provides high-quality print results.

There are two options for this new adhesive tape, one is the monta 483, where the tape has a brown backing and transparent adhesive, which provides a natural aesthetic. Or alternatively, the option which is suggested to provide better printing results, monta 852 which is white adhesive on white paper.

The primary reason why monta wanted to develop these products, is to generate the idea of this new tape as a plastic-free version of filmic tapes. This new tape is almost identical to filmic tapes and it is much better for the environment, therefore monta’s aim is to begin the transition into the use of mono-material packaging solutions, starting with this tape. So far, several businesses have already started showing interest in the innovative new product, with packaging retailers, printers, industrial users, contract packers, organic product manufacturers and finally e-commerce retailers as some of monta’s first clients. There are multiple benefits with this tape, including the main goal of waste reduction, lowering material usage and saving time and money, with a product that does all of this and is still as good as the original plastic version.

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