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A partnership between Ital-Agro and Valmatic has produced an innovative new kind of sustainable packaging

by | Jun 26, 2024

Valmatic announces a new partnership with Ital-Agro which has led to the creation of VALPECK™. This product is a Practical and Sustainable Paper-Based Single-Dose Packaging method and it has been manufactured out of the skills and expertise provided by both companies.

Both companies are leaders in their respective fields, for instance, Valmatic is a leader in the production of innovative single-dose packaging solutions, whilst Ital-Agro is a company who holds the leading position within the Italian gardening landscape, and has done for seventy years.

This new innovative single-dose packaging, Valpeck™ has been designed for the agricultural sector, specifically Ital-Agro. However, the product can also be used within the chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry. This ability to suit a wide variety of applications, plus the way the packages are eco-friendly and user friendly, highlights how this product is clearly a large step forwards for the sustainable packaging industry. This packaging method is ideal for the gardening industry, especially when it comes to packaging biostimulants and fertilisers.

Through this partnership and careful planning and designing, Valmatic has been able to create a packaging product which is sustainable, functional, attractive and is made from recyclable materials. This means that the new packaging is reducing environmental impact and also promoting greener practices simultaneously.

Marketing Director of Ital-Agro, Simone Boroni, commented, “The Valpeck paper single-dose is a perfect solution for our products. This new packaging meets the needs of modern consumers who seek convenience and sustainability. We are excited to see how this innovation will positively impact our sector.”

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