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A partnership between Roberts Beauty and Oceanworks accomplishes a large milestone in Ocean Cleanup

by | Apr 24, 2024

Roberts Beauty and Oceanworks® created a partnership and through this partnership, they were able to announce on 22nd April 2024 that 100,000 pounds of plastic waste has been prevented from entering the oceans. This milestone has been achieved through the work of both companies and through commitment and dedication from the IMPAC+ programme.

Oceanworks® is a global leader in combating plastic pollution and Roberts Beauty is an Innovative Beauty Group company, who is also an award-winning packaging innovator, originally from Los Angeles.

This milestone which the companies have achieved is truly significant, as it benefits both of them and emphasises their pre-established commitments to sustainability, increasing access to post-consumer recycled ocean-bound plastics and finally, ocean clean-up. This milestone and their partnership, drives forwards their pledge to make a difference to the environment, through preventing further additions to the global plastic crisis.

One way Roberts Beauty displays this commitment and drive, is through the thorough testing the company performs on resins, in order to guarantee that Oceanworks® material is compatible with various formats and categories of cosmetics packaging. This testing means that it becomes easier for a variety of brands to access the post-consumer resin and furthermore, as these resins are tested thoroughly, brands that are searching for a way to meet and extend their sustainability goals, are provided with a material that will allow them to do that.

It has been shown that Roberts Beauty’s partnership with Oceanworks® has been extremely beneficial to the company, both through their access to the company’s recycled plastic materials and through their participation in Oceanworks® IMPAC+ programme. The material Oceanworks® provides Roberts Beauty, strengthens the beauty company’s commitment to innovation and their programme has helped the company to remove 100,000 pounds of plastic, that was destined for water. This was made possible through Roberts Beauty remaining committed to set removal goals, that were created through successful product sales.

The choice that Oceanworks® made in setting up IMPAC+, depicted their commitment to the environment and to helping other companies become more environmentally friendly. Whilst this programme is only a small part of what Oceanworks® does, it is available to any company that is interested in making use of the resin within their packaging and it also highlights the company’s mission to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution from the ocean. Once a brand is involved in the programme, it will help them to offset parts of their plastic footprint and the brand’s involvement will help the programme to protect the waters and support the economic development of local communities which are involved in the collection process.

CEO of Roberts Beauty, Bret Hadley, commented, “At Roberts Beauty, we see sustainability as the core of our mission, intertwining environmental responsibility with our business objectives. Our partnership with Oceanworks®, resulting in the removal of over 100,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic, exemplifies our dedication to a healthier planet.”

CEO of Oceanworks®, Vanessa Coleman, spoke about the partnership, saying, “We’ve found an incredible partner and collaborator in Roberts Beauty. They are leading the way in combating global plastic pollution not only by designing beautiful products with recycled ocean-bound plastic, but also by amplifying those efforts by directly recovering plastic waste from nature through their IMPAC+ by Oceanworks® campaign.”

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