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A range of water activated tape can be used in more applications due to Antalis Packaging

by | Jun 12, 2024

A new packaging creation, The Optimax OM700, has been ideally designed for high volume, fast-paced shipping environments. The machine has been created with a large tape roll capacity and it also has an excellent output of 60 meters every minute, making it an effective and efficient piece of machinery.

The machine has a tape roll capacity of up to 255mm diameter and a width of up to 50mm wide, plus it involves the use of a large two-litre water bottle. The combination of these tools, enables the machine to eliminate the requirement for roll changes and refilling the water bottle. Taking away the need to do this, is one of the features that highlight this packaging machinery as a new, efficient and effective system.

Furthermore, the system also includes a multi operational mode, which means that the operator has the ability to programme a maximum of six different tape lengths, as part of a sequence. These are then dispensed automatically and they are produced with maximum flexibility.

Recent studies have revealed that Water Activated Tape (WAT) is swiftly increasing in popularity and this is due to multiple reasons. WAT is manufactured out of Kraft paper and it contains a starch-based adhesive, plus it is 100% recyclable. Further to this, it has been proven that when WAT is used along with a dispenser like OM700, it is faster than conventional taping. This means it is better for the environment and it also increases packer productivity by up to 20%.

Packaging Product Manager at Antalis, Amy Skingsley, commented, “We’ve seen a tremendous increase in demand for water activated tape over the last couple of years and there’s no surprise as to why: it’s easy to use, highly effective, looks great, and is fully recyclable. What more could you ask for from a tape? The Optimax OM700 with its large capacity is a great piece of kit that enables high volume packaging operations to take full advantage of all that WAT has to offer.”

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