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Albéa Tubes has created a new range of caps which make the bottles they come with recyclable

by | Feb 22, 2024

Albéa Tubes recently announced their most recent achievement, recycling-ready caps which are made in America and are designed to help the brands’ CSR commitments, whilst supporting the circularity drive.

The team at Albéa Tubes are now ready to introduce their range of recycle-ready tubes to the market. This range will include their HDPE Basic and Classic caps and their Fez flip-top caps. Both of these caps, now that they themselves are recyclable, make it possible to recycle the whole bottle. This is because the whole bottle can now be made out of mono HDPE materials. This makes it easier for consumers to recycle the product in their own home and therefore it significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste this company is producing and it makes the products much more environmentally friendly. The change in materials will also open the door for the tubes to be accepted into the HDPE bottle recycling waste stream.

Aside from the environmental benefits that these new mono-material caps will provide, they also come with the option for brands to combine them with sleeves. One sleeve that has appeared as a large name within the sustainable and plastic free industry, is Greenleaf. This is a company who has been recognised by the Association of Plastic Recycler (APR) and RecyClass as recycling-ready.

Alongside this recent development, Albéa Tubes is continuing their development of its PCR platform and they have already developed a large array of PCR tubes which are suitable for beauty and personal care uses. Each of the tubes contains a different percentage of PCR, which falls between 30-100% and this is dependent on which ever kind of blend is used during the manufacturing process. The specific blend will be selected based off of the brand’s specific needs. A final aesthetic design on top of the environmentally friendly choices, is that the tubes are available in both extruded and laminate finishes.

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