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ALDI reveals a new PCR bottle and top for TANDIL

by | Feb 22, 2024

Earlier in February, ALDI SÜD announced their new range of packaging which has been designed specifically for their own-brand TANDIL washing machine cleaner. This packaging is manufactured almost entirely from post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR).

The packaging which has been developed is the second packaging creation which ALDI has produced through their partnership with Interseroh+. Their first collaboration was over a new packaging design for their TANDIL 3-in-1 Caps. The most recent development, the new bottle packaging will be available on special offer shelves in ALDI Nord during the early summer of 2024.

The new packaging which has been created for the TANDIL washing machine cleaner is excellent and innovative and it is the first product of its kind to be manufactured from a minimum of 95% PCR taken from recycled lightweight packaging. The body of the bottle is made-up of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and the shape of it is formed through the blow moulding technique. The top is made out of PP (polypropylene) and it is formed through the injection moulding technique. These techniques and formulas were chosen and developed at the company’s competence centre for recycled plastics. The company’s decision to do this themselves means that the materials that are manufactured meet the required standards. These standards include the materials being able to perform in the way they are wanted and required to and furthermore, to perform in this way despite what kind of consistency and composition the raw material is in. This production technique comes with many advantages, including excellent savings on products such as raw materials, energy and carbon emissions. This marks a huge improvement in comparison to the use of new plastics, which is the normal everyday technique currently.

ALDI has been part of the Recycling Alliance since 2022 and has been following their ideals and techniques for a while. Furthermore, ALDI’s partnership with Interseroh+ aligns with Interseroh+’s large spectrum of packaging recycling services. These include packaging licensing and optimising the recyclability of packaging, plus developing new formulations for plastic applications.

CSO at Interseroh+, Frank Kurrat, commented, “Using recyclates results in considerable savings when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy. We’re glad to be able to help ALDI optimise its packaging and work together to take another important step towards sustainability.”

Managing Director Interzero Plastics Innovations, Dr. Manica UlcnikKrump, added, “We optimised the characteristics of the recycled materials for both packaging elements and adapted them to the customer’s specific requirements.”

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