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Amcor, Stonyfield Organic and Cheer Pack North America have launched an all-PE spouted pouch

by | Mar 1, 2024

A collaboration between Amcor, Stonyfield Organic and Cheer Pack has resulted in the creation of the very first spouted pouch that is manufactured entirely from PE.

Amcor is a company that is considered a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions. Stonyfield Organic is the country’s leading organic yoghurt maker and Cheer Pack North America is a company that has become a leading manufacturer of spouted pouch packaging.

These three companies have come together to create a plastic-free and more sustainable packaging solution for plastic pouches. This partnership has resulted in the companies launching an all-polyethylene (PE) spouted patch, which is the first of its kind. This collaboration was well set up, as it took three companies which are taking the lead for the sustainability industry and it produced a first-to-market solution that successfully provides an effective alternative and sustainable packaging solution, which did not adjust the performance quality.

This innovative new design will replace Stonyfield Organic’s multi-laminate structure with a much better and environmentally friendly pouch design. This design is made from Amcor’s AmPrima® Plus which is an all-PE film that was designed to meet the APR Design® Guide for recyclability, and Cheer Pack North America’s Vizi™ cap. The new design was able to remove the metallised or foil-based film layers, which are normally found within the standard structure of the pouch. Also, despite removing these layers, the new design was still able to provide superior heat resistance, which then led to being able to insert the spout. The use of Cheer Pack North America Vizi™ cap, means that the amount of plastic that this packaging normally involves has been reduced by more than five tons for every 10mm cap. This new pouch will be specifically used on Stonyfield Organic’s YoBaby refrigerated yoghurt range.

Amcor collaborated closely with the other companies involved in this project and the end result of careful planning and redesigning, was a package that includes premium graphic design production, a high moisture and oxygen barrier which ensures contents preservation and finally, durable hermetic seals along the pack edges and opening figments in order to ensure the packaging is as protective as possible.

Senior director of research and development at Amcor Flexibles North America, Tom Schell, commented, “This custom-engineered solution is the result of a long-standing relationship between Amcor, Stonyfield Organic and Cheer Pack North America. We are proud to collaborate with cross-channel partners in the development of this highly innovative solution that helps Stonyfield reach its sustainability goals.”

Vice president of marketing for Cheer Pack North America, Al Madonna, added, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Stonyfield Organic and Amcor on the YoBaby all-PE recycle-ready spouted pouch featuring AmPrima® Plus with Vizi™ cap, a pioneering step in sustainable spouted pouch and cap packaging that exemplifies our shared commitment to a greener world.”

The director of marketing for Stonyfield, Sophie Schmitt, mentioned, “Stonyfield has been an environmental pioneer since the day we were founded as an organic farming school in 1983. Over the last four decades we’ve been leaders in sustainability, and we take our commitments seriously. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Amcor and Cheer Pack North America on a sustainable pouch solution to help achieve our long-term packaging goals and make steps toward protecting the planet for generations to come.”

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