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AMG Parfums, INCC Parfums and Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie have created a partnership around the new perfume collection

by | Mar 20, 2024

The Austrian Stoelzle Group’s French glasswork division, has agreed to produce the bottles for INCC Parfums, ready for the company’s first AMG Parfums collection. This arrangement was created after Stoelzle’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Parfums brand went successfully.

This partnership has the potential to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in the bottle making process and through the use of these environmentally friendly materials, the packaging will become much more sustainable and better for the environment.

The first perfume to have its packaging redesigned will be THRILL, which is the fragrance that has been specifically designed for the Mercedes-Benz universe. This scent was developed by Fabrice Pellegrin, who is the principal perfumer at Firmench. Each scent that is developed at this company, such as Silver Thrill, Black Thrill and Red Thrill has been authentically developed to reflect the unique aspect of the AMG ethos. This includes references to the company’s cutting-edge technology, to aspects of luxurious indulgence and of course, passionate intensity.

Alongside the manufacturing agreement which will make these perfume bottles more sustainable and environmentally friendly, whilst also reducing the amount of plastic waste produced, INCC Parfums has stated that they will make the bottles out of recycled glass. This decision aligns with their eco-responsible ethos and it means that the company can ensure that the bottles are fully recyclable, good for the environment and are suitable to be paired with a refillable design through the use of the new SN15 screw cap standard.

The bottles to be manufactured will be available in a range of designs and sizes. There will be a full-size bottle which will be 100ml and will be designed with a vibrant heart that is protected by a captivating metallic shell. This is the design choice as it is the signature emblem of the franchise and applying it to the bottle design will depict the bold essence of the AMG brand. Once this design was chosen, the company then had to focus on crafting glass fittings which would be suitably adaptable for accommodating the plates and precise tolerances. The differences in the design of the full-sized bottle came into place when the different scents became involved. The bottles for the three signature scents within the company’s Thrill range would be lacquered in transparency, with Black Thrill in red, Silver Thrill in Orange and Red Thrill in dark yellow.

The other size of bottle would be the 60ml bottles which would also utilise the same lacquering technique and would also use the same colour system that the bigger bottles had. However, the change in design for the smaller bottles is that the brand name and logo would be screen-printed directly onto the glass. Due to this change, the company agreed that these smaller bottles should not have a shell, as this would mean that the screen-printed design would still be visible and it would also make it light for consumers and therefore suitable as a travel option.

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