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Aptar Beauty has manufactured an rPET version of their airless micro packaging

by | Mar 20, 2024

Aptar Beauty is a well-known packaging company, who have become world leaders in the area of dispensing solutions. Recently the company decided to improve their packaging portfolio through the use of recycled materials.

Through this adaptation, the company found the ability to upgrade their excellent and robust portfolio, through creating their best-selling product ranges out of more sustainable versions of material. This means that their products, such as Micro airless packaging, is now available for use in the form of a container that has been manufactured entirely out of recycled PET. This rPET version of Micro makes the product that already has excellent compatibility with a wide range of formulas, including the most sensitive ones, even better for the environment, whilst its airless technology also manages to keep it safe and protected. An added benefit of the use of this new material for a product such as Micro, is that Micro rPET is recyclable once it is entered into the existing PET stream.

On top of this excellent environmental development, Aptar Beauty has also managed to manufacture this new packaging design in a way that ensures it remains looking aesthetic for companies’ consumers. The experts at the company in charge of the packaging design were able to effectively colour match the well-known pink colour of the PALPEBRAL range to the newly manufactured container. Furthermore, the designers were able to do this whilst also maintaining the translucent effect of the resin, which adds to the aesthetic goal. While most recycled materials do not look particularly aesthetically appealing, the design that has been applied to this packaging both looks good and the resin and colour suggests that there is an excellent and precious formula inside. This environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging is a huge step forwards for the dermatological brand, who has successfully preserved the brand’s aesthetic whilst also creating an eco-friendly and plastic-free product. This project highlights the brand’s commitment to their goals and the environment, plus the project aligns with the company’s pledge to reduce their impact on the planet.

This new packaging design for PALPEBRAL is an excellent development both for Aptar Beauty, who were able to showcase their technology and skills, as well as SVR who launched their PALPEBRAL Baume back in October of 2023 and have now taken a significant step towards becoming better for the environment. The range of their products which are now available in the top-fill airless packaging range, Micro, are now provided in packaging which combines excellent performance, formula protection and excellent product evacuation. The Micro packaging is also available in a range of options, such as 15-50ml, with a 300cl dosage. The packaging is also available in a range of materials, shapes and as displayed for the chosen design with SVR’s PALPEBRAL Baume, the packaging can be manufactured in a variety of different customised designs.

Marketing Director Beauty EMEA, Aptar Beauty, Magdalena Kaminska, commented, “SVR was looking for a recycled and recyclable packaging capable of both protecting and highlighting the formula, without compromising the look and feel of the product. The Aptar Beauty Villingen teams in Germany addressed this challenge and managed to lower the CO2 emissions** by 52% thanks to this rPET container.”

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