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Aptar Closures has created an innovative new lid for beauty and personal care products

by | Mar 7, 2024

The new lid which Aptar closures has created is an e-commerce-capable locking disc top closure, that is compatible with PE or PET bottles and once attached to one of these, the bottle and lid are fully recyclable.

Aptar Closures have stated that they plan for the Future Disc Top closure to be the first in a series of three-disc top dispensing solutions that will be introduced this year on a global scale. These lids have been made suitable for applications within the beauty, personal care and home care sectors.

Future Disc Top has been specifically designed to suit e-commerce needs, as it has a locking-unlocking ring that makes sure the product is kept securely closed whilst the package travels and the lid ensures minimal potential breakage or leaks. Furthermore, it has been stated that the closure is Amazon ISTA-6 compliant, which shows that so far, the lid has been proven as an effective seal in that it is able to withstand the conditions it is likely to be submitted to during transport.

This innovative new lid design has been manufactured by Aptar Closures out of 100% polyethylene (PE), which is also fully recyclable once the lid has been put together with a PE and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. This bottle top has also been made out of post-consumer recyclable (PCR) content, therefore ensuring there are multiple options available on the market already. Whilst the new bottle-top closure is clearly already manufactured with sustainability in mind, Aptar Closures has also mentioned that Future Disc Top has been awarded a Class A rating from EU’s RecyClass sustainability validation organisation. It is also certified by Cyclos-HTP, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility throughout Europe.

This bottle-top closure is not the first product that Aptar Closures has produced. Back in January, the forward-thinking company announced the creation of its SimpliCycle line of flow control valves, which are suitable for applications such as condiments and sauces and it is also fully recyclable. The company’s aim with this product was to focus on achieving mechanical recyclability, whilst maintaining hygienic and precise product dispensing. Therefore, bringing a large recyclable benefit into this industry.

Vice president of generating demand at Aptar Closures, Virginia Murray, commented, “Beauty and personal care products are among the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce, and we are committed to leveraging our passion and expertise to develop innovative packaging solutions that align with market demands while furthering sustainability. Our Future Disc Top is just one of several strategic additions to our expanding e-commerce portfolio that aims to provide our brand partners with a superior packaging experience that exceeds the expectations of consumers.”

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