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ATS Tanner Market develops a self-sealing paper band which offers a plastic-free packaging solution

by | Nov 7, 2023

A new development has the potential to revolutionise the sustainable packaging industry, through the use of self-sealing paper bands. These are manufactured from paper and natural adhesives, creating an eco-friendlier option for businesses, plus the ability to reduce their carbon footprint.

These self-sealing paper bands are an excellent innovative breakthrough, especially due to their simplicity. In order to use them, consumers need no extra tools, just the seal, making them remarkably convenient. Furthermore, the seal can be customised in order to fit a variety of products, such as food or cosmetics. The bands will also help consumers, companies and industries reduce their waste and costs, whilst ensuring the packaging for their products is manufactured to a high standard and is high quality, whilst also healthier for the environment.

This product was developed by ATS Tanner when they utilised Mondi’s kraft paper Advantage MF SpringPack to add a functional barrier on both sides, consequently transforming it into a band. They then used ultrasound to seal the paper, which immediately eliminated the need for adhesive with this product. The breakthrough is being marketed by ATS Tanner under the name TruePaper and the new packaging technique is quickly proving itself to be an alternative packaging solution which minimises waste, protects the environment, lowers companies carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously keeping the product packaged securely.

This method has bene tested and on top of this, Mondi’s kraft paper is well-known for its durability qualities, which are able to support a maximum weight of 20kg. These statistics highlight that the product is well-suited to carrying heavy loads such as fruit and vegetables, multipacks of bottles or other kinds of shopping.

The use of this new product, with its self-sealing paper bands, are clearly an excellent solution to the plastic packaging industry issue. Whilst the majority of packaging contains at least one kind of non-recyclable plastic or metal parts, self-sealing paper bands only contain renewable materials, meaning this new packaging has the options of easily being recycled or being composted. Furthermore, the new design sets and example to other businesses and paves the way towards a plastic waste free world and more sustainable economy, which will meet consumers values and add to the drive towards a greener future.

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