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Berry Global decides to increase the recycling capacity around flexible films

by | Apr 4, 2024

Berry Global Group, Inc.’s (NYSE: BERY) Flexibles division has made the announcement that across three of its European recycling facilities, the recycling capacity will be increased. This has been done in order to raise the capacity for recycling high-performance films that have been made with recycled content.

This expansion aligns with a pan-European project which is focused on expanding the production of its Sustane® range of recycled polymers. Doing this will mean that the company will gain access to a large amount of valuable, recycled plastic and it will simultaneously help to meet the already growing demand for high-performance films that have made up of recycled content. There are multiple benefits that come with the Sustane range produced by Berry Global, these include a high level of technical performance and the fact that they are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, meaning they are a suitable replacement for the place that prime polymers would previously have been used in. The other benefit of this range is that these Sustane polymers are third-party accredited, which means that it is possible to prove their authenticity or chain of custody claims. This is a very useful benefit as it enables customers to trace them and find reassurance about the product’s origin.

So far, it has been shown that Berry’s European film facilities are turning out products which constitute of more than 30% recycled content. These products include items such as Stretch Hood, NorDiVent® vented sacks, FormiFor compression film and finally, peat film which was designed for gardening substrates. Whilst producing these products out of recycled content, which is effectively helping customers reach their sustainability goals, Berry Global is also aiming to ensure that all of its European flexible films are manufactured from 30% recycled content by 2025.

The expansion will be made possible as there will be state-of-the-art equipment installed at Berry’s Heanor (UK), Steinfeld (Germany) and finally, Zdzieszowice (Poland) plants. Adding this technology to these sites will mean that Berry’s European sites production capacity will increase to an estimated 6600 metric tons annually.

The final benefit that can be seen within this expansion, is that it will reinforce Berry’s position as one of the companies that is one of the UK’s largest polyethylene (PE) recyclers. It will also increase the quality of the recyclates that is being used throughout Berry’s B Circular Range of flexible film solutions. Altogether, this will help the company ensure constant and consistent performance when it comes to factors such as strength, durability and protection.

VP Sustainability, Innovation, & Strategy for Berry Global’s Flexibles Division, Tony Nawar, commented, “As part of Berry’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, we are committed to helping our customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals. This latest investment in capacity, and the ability to include high-quality recycled content into our films, enables customers to meet both market demands and current and forthcoming legislative requirements.”

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