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Berry Global has announced an alternative, recyclable version of cling film

by | Jan 18, 2024

A new version of PE cling film has been developed by Berry Global, which they will be presenting at the ‘Marca by BolognaFiere’ Private Conference and Exhibition. The cling film is called Omni Xtra+ and it will be the focus of the exhibition which will be held between the 16th and 17th of January 2024 in Bologna, Italy.

Berry Global has stated that the new film, portrays a ‘high-quality’ alternative solution to PVC films. It has been acknowledged for a while that PVC films are very difficult to recycle, so this change in material will make it much easier for every party that deals with it to handle it and recycle it more easily. This will increase the quality of use for private label manufacturers and Berry Global hopes this will result in an increase in usability and clarity. Another benefit Berry Global has added to the new design, is the decreased packaging weights. These were made possible through the use of a thinner overall film, which creates a 25% reduction in weight in comparison. Yet, despite this decrease in weight, the strength and puncture resistance of the film is not affected, instead the decreased weight simply adds to the number of advantages this new film showcases. This decreased weight will lead to better yields and the film will continue to deliver effective product protection, as well as keeping on-shelf appeal as high as possible.

Another advantage of this new material, which sets it apart from PVC, is that it is much more easily recyclable, which is one of its largest selling points. This ability to be recycled more easily, falls within the European recycling guidelines, which means that the material has been granted certification of recyclability and compatibility from RecyClass and Interseroh. Both of these organisations are involved with working towards creating circularity within the plastics industry. Through producing a recyclable version of cling film, Berry Global have created a highly sought-after product which many companies will now be interested in, especially through its wide range of applications.

The cling film’s first purpose would be as a packaging material and this will be ideal for fresh food, such as, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, deli and bakery products. Furthermore, making this innovative product includes other added benefits such as, improved elasticity, uniform stretching behaviour, and enhanced impact resistance. Plus, it has anti-fog and condensation properties, meaning that it is not only an improved version of cling film, which is more easily recyclable, but it will also maintain its ability to be displayed properly when on retail shelves.

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