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Berry Global has developed a lightweight tube closure solution which is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

by | Oct 31, 2023

Berry Global’s new design involves a lightweight tube closure solution which is manufactured from recycled plastic, has a modern design and ensures a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has developed an innovative approach to reducing the amount of plastic goes into the making of bottle lids. They have been able to develop a design which allows the consumer to choose from multiple options, such as having the closures available in 35mm and 50mm diameters. Plus, the option to choose between a matt or glossy finish and either choice to have the option of orifices of either 3 or 5 mm. Furthermore, the bottle can be made out of a multitude of materials. These materials include virgin polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), the bottles can also be manufactured out of food-safe post-consumer recycled plastic (rPE and rPP). This second option is made possible as Berry’s business has an internal, closed-loop recycling process, CleanStream. Which makes it possible for the company to manufacture new bottles out of recycled plastics, which can then continue to be recycled, generating that closed-loop internal recycling circuit.

This new design and manufacturing process will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment, whist also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which regular bottle caps do not do. This new design has multiple new advantages and is one of the lightest solutions presently available to consumers. The new design also emphasises Berry’s commitment to minimise how many products virgin plastic is used in.

Furthermore, Berry’s new design is ideal for a range of personal and pharmaceutical products, for example, skin care, body wash and hair care. The caps are designed to be comfortable for the user as well, with comfortable finger recess and an active hinge for easy opening and to ensure maximum consumer convenience.

The VP Circular Economy and Innovation for Berry Global CPI, Thierry Bernet, commented, “The tube market is seeing a greater pace of change currently as companies continue to look for more sustainable pack formats without compromising on aesthetics or performance.”

Steffen Kacan, The Regional Sales Director, Personal Care for Berry Global, added, “Based on the latest advances in technology, the new Slimline range offers our customers an economically attractive solution whilst also supporting our customers to achieve, if not exceed, their sustainability targets.”

Production is planned to be available as early as 2024.

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