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Biffa announces the launch of their new recycling scheme designed to prevent excessive waste of takeaway drink cups

by | Jan 31, 2024

Biffa is the company that stands as the UK leader in sustainable waste management and it was recently announced that they will be launching a new recycling service. This service will be suitable for hot and cold takeaway drink cups and will also be implemented throughout the nation.

The company is already known for creating and operating a successful recycling service for disposable vapes and now Biffa is looking to expand its business to UK mainland companies, such as cafes, restaurants, service stations and supermarkets. This expansion into these different industries will be done through their new proposal, to start a new fully integrated disposal, collection and recycling solution for all of the separate businesses using single-use cups.

To make this viable and more appealing to the companies they are looking to involve, Biffa has said they will provide any and all of the practical and technical help that the business requires. This help could be providing compliance advice or supplying cup disposal points, bags and bins. The system operates through the cups being collected from the designated sites, bulked and baled by Biffa. Once collected, the cups will be packed into Biffa’s fleet of vehicles and will be transported to a UK paper mill. It is at this site that the old cups will then be manufactured into new cardboard packaging.

This plan is excellent, innovative and necessary, as statistics have shown that throughout the UK over sixty-two million single-use hot and cold drinks cups are thrown away on a weekly basis. The study also shows that these cups are being discarded into the general waste bin when they contain cardboard that could very simply and easily be recycled. Sending these products to landfill is a terrible waste, as they could be upcycled into new products and packaging.

This is why the plan that Biffa has laid out is excellent and also comes at the right time, as it was also recently announced that from October in 2025, there will be a change to the recycling law. As of this date, any business that sells takeaway drinks in fibre-based single-use cups and employs ten or more people, are now required by law to recycle the cups.

These changes and offers that Biffa is making to involve recycling systems in daily lives, is an excellent step forwards to doing better for the environment and creating a circular, sustainable economy.

A member of Biffa’s Reactive Services, Daniel Barrett, commented, “Far too many recyclable takeaway cups end up in general waste, preventing perfectly good cardboard from being transformed back into new products. But despite the eagerness of many businesses to become more sustainable and compliant, the UK lacked sufficient options for the convenient and efficient nationwide recycling of these cups. Now, alongside our disposable vape recycling service and our leading position on surplus redistribution, our takeaway cup scheme shows how we’re actively reducing waste by helping people and businesses re-use, recycle and redistribute as much of it as possible so we can all leave a smaller footprint.”

Chief Executive of The Recycling Association, Paul Sanderson, added, “Many takeaway cups contain a high-quality cardboard that can be recycled into new cardboard or paper products. Collection schemes like this ensure that these cups can be kept from general waste so that they can be recycled at specialist mills. At The Recycling Association, we welcome anything that helps to increase recycling of products, while also ensuring we maintain high-quality recycling of easier-to-recycle packaging.”

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