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Bormioli Luigi has manufactured Reverre, a 100% refillable glass jar

by | Jun 6, 2024

The recently created 100% refillable glass jar by Bormioli Luigi, has been launched as a standard version and it is currently of high interest, due to it being a product that is manufactured out of mono-material glass. The new jar is called Reverre and it is already clear that this original, patented concept has a range of advantages.

So far, the jar is viewed as a desirable and sustainable product which is being highlighted as an excellent choice, when it comes to distinctive consumer experience. Bormioli Luigi has evidently carefully thought through every aspect of this jar and in its standard format, the jar serves as a custom development which is better for the environment, will suit a range of customer needs and can also be personalised to meet a consumer’s aesthetic requirements.

This breakthrough is better for the environment and it shows how far Bormioli Luigi is willing to push the limits of eco-design. The basic design is impressive, with a glass inner cup which is easily replaceable and the design is deliberately air tight due to the company’s choice to integrate a plastic ring into the design. However, the company has also ensured that the plastic ring is manufactured in a way that it will not perturb the recyclability of the product. The final part of the product is the original cap, which is also part of the sustainable packaging solution, plus the cap comes with a premium appeal and also provides an extended lifespan.

Whilst Bormioli Luigi have now successfully created an environmentally friendly glass jar which reduces plastic wate, the company decided to take things a step further and have developed their manufacturing process to make it possible to offer the jar in two development options. The primary option is the predeveloped catalogue design, which can be easily personalised with décor and embellishments, plus the company have made it possible to select a made-to-measure option. The secondary option involves the idea that anything is possible. This could range from the shape of the glass to the size of the cup and cap. This design option may naturally come with a few difficulties, however, Bormioli Luigi teams have already begun to find ways to put in place any appropriate industrial processes and furthermore, resolve the technical challenges which are expected to arise when tackling this kind of project.

Overall, Bormioli Luigi has created this jar with two key goals in mind, the first is to manufacture a product which will reduce plastic waste, be more environmentally friendly and last for a long time. The second is to create a product which can be designed in an aesthetic way, to please the consumer. It is clear that the first goal has been accomplished and due to options, such as inside lacquer, hot stamping, engraving and sputtering, Reverre has proven that it has achieved the second goal as well. Altogether, this innovative and forward-thinking design, displays the commitment to the environment and to customer satisfaction that Bormioli Luigi is driving forwards.

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