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Bosch Power Tools has taken a new and innovative approach to how they package their products

by | Oct 31, 2023

Bosch power tools have recently begun to make changes to their packaging to reduce the amount of unnecessary material, dependant on how a package will be sold.

The primary reason behind making these changes is that packages bought online do not need to have the same eye-catching designs as products bought in a store, instead it would be more beneficial for them to be designed efficiently for transport.

Whilst products bought in a shop need to look good to grab customer’s interest, whilst also displaying all the necessary information on the packet, packages bought online do not need to be eye-catching and informative as all that can be found online.

Therefore, Bosch has announced that from now on, its packaging will be tailored to the demands of the sales channel, which will include the benefit of using less plastic where possible for packages that don’t need it. Whilst products sold in the store will stay roughly the same, packages bought online will be designed through efficient logistics. These include robust packaging that is suitable for SIOC (ship in own container), eliminating the requirement for an outer container and consequently reducing plastic waste. The box for the product when bought online will also not include tabs or the ability to hang it as it will not need to be stored or displayed in a shop.

Additionally, whilst a store bought item will be eye-catching and informative, the online bought package will be designed with sustainable aspects, including the box being manufactured out of brown, recycled material, plus the printing consisting of a simple two-colour image which is beneficial through the use of less ink.

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