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Bosch’s gas boiler has had a new packaging design created by DS Smith

by | Feb 9, 2024

DS Smtih is a UK-based packaging company, who has recently developed an innovative plastic-free industrial packaging solution, specifically for a Bosch Home Comfort’s gas boiler. This new packaging design is incredibly environmentally friendly, as it will reduce waste and the amount of material needed, whilst also eliminating 100,000 plastic components, along with 310 tons of Co2 every year.

Whilst Bosch’s old packaging material used expanded polystyrene (EPS) method, Smith’s team decided to use entirely recyclable monomaterial. This packaging solution consisted of corrugated cardboard, which led to the company being able to remove any plastic from the packaging design. The corrugated cardboard is created out of fibres which have the ability to be recycled over twenty times. This feature will allow the fibres to remain within the recycling loop, creating a closed loop for this cardboard, for an extended period of time.

Manufacturing this kind of design, meant the team were able to employ the company’s proprietary ‘Circular Design Metrics’, plus their ‘Value Tool’ in order to test and highlight the lifecycle benefits of the new packaging. To show these benefits, the approach uses eight metrics to assess and quantify how sustainable and easily recyclable the packaging solution is. Performing this test on the new packaging was very useful, as it highlighted that the packaging had improved in five areas, whist two areas remained unchanged in comparison to the previous kind of packaging. This proves that the new packaging solution is better and more beneficial to the product, the company, the consumers and the environment in multiple ways.

Even in places where statistics in comparison to the old packaging remained unchanged, there were no areas where the new packaging portrayed worse performance results, consequently making it an excellent and innovative new packaging design for the gas boiler.

Jingjing Huang, of Bosch’s Purchasing Engineering Combustion Systems, commented, “We are delighted about the positive impact of this packaging optimisation by the DS Smith team and the value it brings to our businesses, but also to the environment with an improvement of more than 75% decreased CO₂ impact which equals a reduction of 310t of CO₂ every year. More than 2,350 fewer pallets have to be taken out each year, and this new approach significantly reduces the volume of trucks used for delivery logistics by almost 60%, resulting in more than 60 trucks being taken off the road each year.”  

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