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Bottle Up has launched their new environmentally friendly, reusable water bottle

by | Jan 11, 2024

Bottle Up recently announced that they have created, what appears to be, the first water bottle in the UK which is much more environmentally friendly than just being fully reusable.

The water bottle company was founded in 2019 and originated from Amsterdam, with the aim of tackling the single-use plastic issue, which is a problem all over the globe. The bottle is produced in the city of Wolverhampton where sugar cane from Brazilian grasslands is transformed into these BPA-free, reusable bottles. The crop that is used within this manufacturing process has been said to need a minimalist amount of fertiliser or any additional irrigation, making the full process, including the bottle’s life, environmentally friendly.

The bottles are fully reusable as they are dishwasher safe, so they can be cleaned in the consumer’s home, they are pre-filled with spring water from Elmhurst in order to ensure they have minimal carbon impact and they are also plant-based. The overall aim of this company is to successfully and continuously produce renewable and recyclable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. This will result in plastic waste being eliminated, due to this plant-based, reusable bottle.

Bottle Up has not only ensured their products are good for the environment and reduce plastic waste, but that they are also appealing to customers. To do this, they have made the bottles available in three different colours, with the aim of offering ‘personality’ along with sustainability and durability throughout the bottle’s lifecycle.

So far, customers and partners have responded positively to the new bottle, as Bottle Up has recently formed partnerships with various industry chains. For example, a partnership with Accor has been created, this company owns hotels such as Ibis, Mercure, Sofitel and others, and both businesses aim to bring other hospitality focused venues into the loop in which this reusable bottle is being reused. Aside from the hospitality business, the bottles are available for purchase from Morrisons, Ocado, WH Smith, The Co-op, BP, Whole Foods and amazon. According to Bottle UP, the innovative company says they have sold 50,000 bottles with BP and are also the top-selling brand in Amazon’s still water category.

This water bottle comes from a similar idea as the reusable ones produced by ALPLA, TÖNISSTEINER and air up. They are excellent developments and are much needed, especially as recent statistics showed that more than 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles are consumed every year. Furthermore, this contributes to the fact that over half of the plastic waste which ends up in the Thames, is caused by plastic water bottles.

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