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Braskem and Engeflex invent 100% recycled Masterbatch from PCR

by | Sep 20, 2023

The Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem and masterbatch specialist Engeflex have developed a line of 100% recycled masterbatches which are made from post-consumer recycled material (PCR) and which can be used to colour plastic products by being incorporated into thermoplastic resins.

This masterbatch breakthrough has been created in order to maintain packaging and products which already contain PCR, in order to make them more sustainable, by providing the market with a more sustainable pigmentation option. The masterbatch is able to support this market as it is a combination of pigments or additives which can be used to colour plastic packaging and products.

The masterbatch is made from PCR and the process for producing this masterbatch is a relatively simple one. DLC085C is a recycled resin from Braskem’s Wenew portfolio which is manufactured from flexible plastic waste and is combined with the PCR to create the masterbatch. DLC085C is just one of the 58 polymers within the Braskem’s Wenew portfolio and the company currently have 40 more polymers under development. A Life Cycle Assessment was performed on the product and the results showed that by using polymers from the portfolio rather than virgin polymers there was a 48% reduction in carbon emissions.

The next steps for this project is to sell 1 million tons of the masterbatch by 2030 and get it into industries such as automotive, agricultural materials, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning. Braskem and Engeflex also aim to have removed 1.5 tons of plastic from the environment by 2030, portraying how important this breakthrough is to creating a more sustainable system for plastic packaging and products to aid the drive to reduce plastic waste.

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