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Bubble Paper revealed their latest development at South Carolina’s Inaugural Innovation Month

by | Dec 7, 2023

Bubble Paper recently attended the South Carolina’s Innovation Month, where it was recognised as a leading name within the sustainable packaging industry. At the event the company revealed their latest innovative packaging material, Bubble Paper Wrap, which places sustainability at the heart of the packaging industry.

The new material made an excellent impression, as it displayed the ability to be a brilliant alternative material to regular plastic wrap, showcasing qualities of sustainability and upholding Bubble Paper’s promise to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions. This product brings Bubble Paper another step closer to reshaping how the packaging industry works through switching the normal materials used for alternative materials. The company is unique in the way it makes the material, using quality paper-based products, which are carefully designed to perform in the same way as normal plastic wrap, whilst also highlighting the importance of being environmentally aware, especially in the packaging industry.

As well as designing new paper-based forms of packaging material, Bubble Paper has also created a partnership with the How2Recycle program. This move was made with the aim of drawing attention to and promoting better and proper recycling practices, which will simultaneously help reduce plastic waste. This collaboration aids both companies, as one of Bubble Paper’s top priorities is to make sure that every one of its products is recyclable and environmentally friendly. This leads to a higher rate of recycling, which benefits How2Recycle. Whilst for Bubble Paper their collaboration means that they can emphasise their commitment to the environment further. Altogether, the environment and the packaging industry will both see benefits as the new packaging materials will effectively reduce the ecological footprint of the packaging industry.

These innovative and excellent new steps highlight a new ear within the packaging industry and this was made clear at South Carolina’s Innovation Month, which depicted new kinds of packaging material, introducing steps towards a more sustainable future.

SC Launch Inc. Executive Director Matt Bell, commented, “Innovation Month is about recognizing the state’s best and brightest innovators, and the team at Bubble Paper definitely qualifies. They are transforming the packaging industry by providing packaging materials that provide the same level of physical protection and temperature control that current plastic alternatives have at a comparable cost.

Founder & CEO, Benjamin Moore, added, “We are thrilled to be part of this inaugural event, highlighting the role of innovation in creating a sustainable future. Bubble Paper Wrap is more than a product; it’s a step towards a greener, more responsible packaging industry.”

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