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Clariter and TotalEnergies Fluids Have Launched the World’s ‘First’ Ultra-Pure Solvent Made From Plastic Waste

by | Feb 10, 2023

Clariter, a leading cleantech company, and TotalEnergies Fluids, a division of TotalEnergies, have unveiled a sustainable ultra-pure solvent derived from plastic waste. These solvents are typically used in pharmaceuticals and other industries, as they are colourless, odourless, and tasteless while meeting the highest pharmacopoeia-standard purity criteria.

This pioneering initiative is the outcome of an 18-month joint research and development partnership between the two firms. Clariter employed its exclusive upcycling technology to turn plastic waste into top-notch solvents, waxes, and oils, which TotalEnergies Fluids then processed with its Hydro-De-Aromatisation (HDA) technology, producing ultra-pure solvents that comply with the strictest standards.

By introducing this revolutionary solution, the two partners are affirming their dedication to creating quality products with a low carbon footprint, as well as to advancing the cause of a circular economy.

“Developing products of such high quality from plastic waste is a triumph for our joint R&D work”, said Dr. Daria Frączak, Clariter’s scientific director. “Clariter’s know-how and experience in plastic upcycling, together with TotalEnergies Fluids’ deep knowledge of stringent industry requirements, came together to develop a process to produce sustainable solvents that meet the highest purity standards. We are thrilled to have achieved this significant milestone in our journey towards bringing to industry sustainable, high-quality products made from plastic waste.”

“This new technology opens a broad field of solutions to help our industrial customers decarbonise their industry, and fully integrates within our target of commercialising 30% low carbon solvents by 2030”, said Didier Ribault, TotalEnergies Fluids business development director. “This partnership marks yet another step forward in TotalEnergies Fluids’ development of a comprehensive range of circular products.”

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