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Coca-Cola announces the production of twelve-ounce aluminium cans for their smartwater drink

by | Apr 10, 2024

Glacéau smartwater is part of Coca-Cola’s brand and they have recently announced the release of their new twelve-ounce aluminium cans. These cans have been developed for multiple reasons and they have been designed with both the environment and the consumers in mind.

The brand focused on ensuring that the cans were made from aluminium, to make them more environmentally friendly, whilst also making them convenient for consumption throughout spring and summer. Furthermore, alongside their convenience, Glacéau also created a fresh visual design for the cans, so that they would be better for the environment and still remain appealing to consumers.

This innovative design means the cans are ‘sleek’ and ‘elegant’ as on top of being more eco-friendly, the company decided to continue using their previously selected colour scheme, which can be seen on their bottles. This colour scheme involves different background colours being used to help distinguish between the variety of cans on offer, whilst the cans continue to mirror the bottles in their silver drop design. The variation in background colours follow the pattern of royal blue indicating original smartwater and black marks alkaline that also contains antioxidant.

Through the brand’s choice to use aluminium cans, they are not only displaying their interest in being better for the environment, but they are also showcasing that they listen to their customer’s suggestions. In this case, Glacéau smartwater is addressing their customer’s interests in the use of non-plastic and sustainably-minded packaging, that does not compromise on convenience.  

The first move the innovative company will make towards this plastic-free packaging transition, will be to introduce both smartwater original and smartwater alkaline with antioxidant as single 12-oz. cans, as well as 8-packs throughout the United States. This is an excellent step forwards for the company, plus they claim that, ‘it will be the first vapour-distilled water to be sold in an individual can.’

In order to officially launch this product and drive sales, the company have arranged for a creative campaign to occur in early May. This will advertise the new packaging through the use of key visuals and this campaign will be displayed through out-of-home, radio and finally, social and digital media. These adverts will show close-up images of the new cans and words such as ‘taste & style’, ‘oh that’s smart’ and ‘still smart, just canned’, will be paired with these images. Alongside these online adverts, shops will be asked to put up signs for the drink, which will encourage customers to ‘crack, sip, refresh.’

Senior director of Brand Marketing, Tiphanie Maronta, commented, “Smartwater has been dedicated to anticipating consumer needs and trends in hydration since first launching our vapour-distilled water in 1996. We are always looking for smarter hydration solutions.”

Senior brand manager at smartwater, Sadie Ellison, added, “As the leading premium water brand, we have a responsibility to constantly iterate, improve and meet consumers where they are. Today, that means ensuring we’re in a package that fits shifting trends as we head into the spring and summer seasons of socializing. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure the cans would stand out on shelf while fitting seamlessly into our iconic smartwater trademark visual identity system. We looked at a few different versions to get the cans just right before ultimately landing on a fully dipped look, swapping the colour drop for an inverse revealing the cans’ metallic finish.”

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