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Coca-Cola introduces new range of 100% rPET bottles in the Philippines

by | Sep 26, 2023

Coca-Cola has launched its expansion for its rPET bottles and now offer this packaging for a larger selection of its products and this launch is accompanied by a new consumer engagement initiative focused on encouraging customers to continue recycling the bottles.

In 2019 Coca-Cola introduced its first rPET bottle, which was a 500 ml Sprite bottle. Now the company has developed rPET packaging for Coca-Cola original for both 190 ml and 390 ml, as well as Wilkins Pure in 500 ml. This has been made possible through Coca-Cola’s partnership with Indorama Venture’s bottle-to-bottle recycling facility.

Coca-Cola is the world’s top plastic polluter; therefore, the company has increased efforts to create a closed loop for its products. This has been helped significantly by their partnership with Indorama Venture’s. This partnership began last October and has already had a significant impact. The facility located in the Philippines is capable of processing 30,000 MT/year of plastic, which is equivalent to almost 2 billion plastic bottles. This process has an output of 16,000 MT/year of rPET resin, which achieves Coca-Cola’s aim, through closing the loop by inserting the resin produced in the recycling process back into the production process to create rPET and consequently more bottles.

Aside from the bottle caps and labels, the rest of the bottle is fully recyclable and on top of the design and partnership, Coca-Cola have also taken the step to encourage consumers to recycle the bottles again and again. Each bottle is labelled ‘Recycle me again’ and also has a QR code which provides the consumer with information about the company’s recycling programme, plus their partnerships with 7-Eleven shops and Shell stations which have been created to help increase collection of these bottles for recycling purposes. This aligns with Coca-Cola’s objective to encourage consumers to recycle the bottles, highlighted in the initiative they launched along with the new bottles called ‘May Ikabobote Pa’ which translates to ‘bottles can have many lives.’ Following this initiative Coca-Cola are aiming to increase the amount of recycled content they make their bottles out of; therefore, they have created over 2,800 recycling drop-offs across the country. Their aim with this is to encourage consumers to recycle by making it easily accessible to them.

Coca-Cola Philippines president, Tony del Rosario commented, “In line with our commitment to helping build a circular economy in the country, we are working to offer innovative packaging design, expand collection and recycling programs, and forge strategic alliances with stakeholders – including government agencies, industry partners and local organisations.”

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