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Constantina Flexibles has launched EcoTwistPaper an innovative confectionary packaging solution

by | Jun 20, 2024

Constantina Flexibles recently announced the launch of their new product, EcoTwistPaper which is an excellent and forward-thinking packaging solution for the confectionary industry. The new packaging method was developed with recyclability and sustainability as a priority; therefore, it is manufactured out of pure paper and is a wax-free twist-wrap, which is perfect for packaging candy and chocolate.

One of the main selling points of EcoTwistPaper is that it does not include any components which are not fully compatible with the paper recycling system. This means that wax and polymeric coatings are not involved in the making or the end product of this packaging design. However, despite the lack of conventional materials, the packaging still offers exceptional product protection, along with unique and excellent wrapping properties. Plus, as the wrapping does not contain any coating or plastic of any kind, it is no longer subject to the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD).

The EcoTwistPaper has already gone through reputability testing with the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and during this testing, the packaging scored ninety out of one hundred for its printed material.

Constantina Flexibles has used advanced mechanical treatments, to ensure that the paper is incredibly soft and is therefore not just suitable, but perfect for wrapping sweets and treats. Another advantage of the new packaging method, is that it has been specifically designed to work with existing machinery, meaning it can be inserted straight into the industry and at its end-of-life, it can go straight into the recycling paper stream.

EcoTwistPaper is an innovative new packaging solution, which is actively responding to the increase in demand that has been seen from consumers and regulators, who are asking for more sustainable packaging solutions. The new material opens the door for manufacturers and brands to take the opportunity to package their products in a way that is better for the environment, reduces plastic waste, promotes recycling and is visually appealing and practical.

Executive Vice President Consumer Commercial at Constantia Flexibles, Marc Rademacher, commented, “Driven by our dedication to sustainability and addressing the demands of the confectionary industry, we developed EcoTwistPaper. This innovation represents a significant advancement within the confectionery packaging sector.”

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