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Cox & Co announce the development of their flow wrap chocolate paper packaging

by | Apr 10, 2024

Cox & Co, which is a single origin chocolate brand, has announced that they have created a paper flow wrap chocolate packaging solution. This new, innovative packaging is the first of its kind and it will significantly aid Cox & Co in their mission to reduce plastic waste.

One of the largest driving factors behind this new packaging design, is the company’s aim to phase out all plastics and switch over to a packaging material that will enable consumers to leave their waste wrapped at the kerbside, ready to be recycled.

There are multiple benefits that come with this new packaging design, aside from being easily recyclable, such as it having a minimum shelf life of twelve months. Furthermore, due to it being easily recyclable, the company will be able to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they are using and this will consequently reduce the amount of plastic waste that is then sent to landfill. Although Cox & Co’s previous packaging was manufactured out of compostable plastic, this new design will be significantly better for the environment, as it eliminates plastic from the design altogether and the packaging is able to be recycled.

The company’s plan for this new design is to use it across several of its products, including Mint Crunch, Miso Caramel and Bee Pollen & Honey.

The company has stated that, ‘at a time where the cost of cocoa has risen significantly due to poor harvests, the new packaging allows the brand to reduce its packaging costs by 35%, offsetting price rises.’ 

Founder of Cox & Co, Gavin Cox, commented, “Consumers are now actively seeking brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle. Chocolate is a popular household purchase and yet so little of the packaging can be easily recycled at curbside. We are set to change all that with our revolutionary new packaging, which offers a neat and tidy result without the use of plastic.” 

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