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DS Smith has developed plastic-free toilet tissue and kitchen towels for Oceans

by | Apr 18, 2024

In a recent study performed by DS Smith, it was found that one in four (26%) online shoppers have confirmed that if their item came with too much unnecessary packaging, they would stop ordering from that company. Furthermore, 22% of online shoppers would also stop ordering form that company if the packaging used was difficult to recycle or not recyclable at all.

This study is what led Oceans to request DS Smith’s help in designing a range of introductory packs that included 100% plastic-free and recyclable packaging, that would also provide consumers with the opportunity to take part in Oceans’ toilet roll subscription offer. DS Smith accepted this offer and has now designed new packaging for Oceans which includes a range of designs for the required introductory pack and makes Oceans one of the first UK manufacturers to offer tissue paper and kitchen towels which are plastic-free.

The main focus of DS Smith, was to ensure that the introductory packs included a range of designs and aligned with Oceans’ goals to be a sustainable company. The design that DS smith chose for the new packaging, involved a finished box, manufactured from 100% recyclable content, which was purposefully made smaller, due to the requirement to cut down on waste and space. Aside from the eco-conscious part of the design, on the inside, the box also included a design that displayed an introduction to Oceans as a company. This design featured a message from Oceans, as well as a QR code that featured details about first-time customers receiving 10% off on their next order with the company.

Through this excellent and innovative design put together by DS Smith, the combination of reduced packaging that is eco-friendly and offers the consumer benefits, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing, Oceans reported that more than half of their customers who received this packaging, made a second order.

Design for creative lead, DS Smith, Andy Brereton, commented, “Consumers are paying greater attention to where they source their everyday essentials, but this doesn’t mean that the sustainable choice needs to be boring. The challenge with many sustainable toilet roll subscription brands is designing packaging that remains appealing and functional, all the while staying true to the brand’s values.”

Chief operating officer for Accrol, Graham Cox, mentioned, “Sales of eco-friendly toilet roll have been on the increase over the past couple of years, and at Oceans, we want to make it easier for people to give sustainable alternatives a go. It was crucial that the finished ecommerce design reflected our values as a business of caring for people and planet – from the materials used for the packaging, through to the branding featured on the box. Introducing a smaller box for our subscription orders has also meant that we’ve cut down on waste and space in the design, thanks to modified dimensions.”

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