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Duni Group partners with Notpla for launch of plastic-free, seaweed coated packaging

by | Mar 20, 2024

Duni Group and Notpla have created a partnership based on launching their new plastic-free food packaging. This new packaging is incredibly innovative as it is manufactured with a unique algae coating, whilst it also maintains functionality and offers improved environmental performance.

This partnership was created between Duni Group and the British company Notpla due to their shared interest in sustainability and innovation. This packaging launch is the first step in this newly formed partnership and the packaging was developed by Notpla and will be launched by Duni Group. Alongside the excellent development that both companies have seen, this collaboration also marks Duni Group’s focus on material development, plus their ambition to become known as the leading player within the sustainable packaging solutions sector. The company is specifically focused on becoming the leading player in this sector for the HoReCa industry.

Whilst the collaboration will benefit both companies immensely, the collaboration also represents a large and important step towards a more sustainable packaging industry, which is highlighted through this new Alga packaging range. This packaging range has been manufactured through the use of  an innovative technology that is made from cardboard and which is covered in a newly formed seaweed coating. This coating was developed and created by Notpla and it comes with multiple benefits, as it is not only a sustainable material which can be used as an alternative to plastic packaging, but it is also a barrier which will prevent moisture and oils from food penetrating the packaging. These benefits mean that this new packaging design is useful for a variety of foods and furthermore, this new coating material has now been recognised by the Dutch authorities, and other parties, as the first and only fully plastic-free coating. This was stated by the EU directive, when speaking about the use of coating on single-use plastics.

The coating which makes up the new Alga series is highly functional with its moisture and oil-resistant barrier coating and durable construction and it is also suitable for hot and cold foods. The coating is also suitable for use on a variety of dishes, including salads and fried foods and it is a very versatile product. So far, the companies have developed four separate products for their packaging line. These include a mealbox, a box and two trays which altogether create a packaging line which suits different and varying needs within the food service.

The Alga series’ reason behind using seaweed as the material for their coating is their aim to help the ecosystem, and source alternative materials. This is why the companies chose to source their materials from the seagrass forests, which is beneficial to both parties, as the seagrass forests need less resources, they also contribute towards neutralizing the pH balance within the sea and finally they benefit coastal communities. Furthermore, the manufacturing process that the companies perform to make the coating is conducted with minimal energy consumption, plus an optimal use of raw materials. Applying these techniques reduces the impact on the environment that is created by the product range. The final benefit and advantage that the companies have made sure to include, is the Alga range’s ability to be recycled once it is added to existing paper or card waste streams. This makes the new packaging and coating development an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly breakthrough for both companies.

Duni Food Packaging solutions, Product Manager, Caroline Tobiasson, commented, “The Alga series is more than just packaging – it represents the Duni Group’s quest to redefine the industry and reduce its environmental impact. We are proud to be at the forefront in this area and look forward to continuing to drive the change, where innovation will be an increasingly important component going forward.”

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Notpla, Pierre Paslier, added, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Duni Group to see our seaweed-based, plastic-free solutions continue to improve the environmental impact of businesses all around the world. It’s by working with companies such as Duni Group – who share our vision of creating real change – that we are able to reduce plastic pollution at such scale. The collaboration announced today is another step in the validation that our product is not only a more sustainable solution, but that we have succeeded in providing the foodservice market with a product range that is highly functional.”

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