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Estathé® and Crown collaborate to create cans with an excellent summer promotion

by | Jun 26, 2024

A partnership between Crown and Estathé®, which is an Italian tea leaf beverage created by Ferrero Group, has occurred. The aim within this partnership is to launch a new refreshing summer drink, which will be sold in aluminium cans that can be recycled again and again.

Whilst Estathé® brings the beverage to the project, Crown has provided their lightest can which is 330ml and comes with a ‘Sleek’ design. The cans have been given an aesthetic appeal, which involves the product depicting a variety of funny and typical beach characters and the can also asks; ‘and you, what beach type are you?’ This has all been made possible, through Estathé® choosing to collaborate with EMEA, Crown’s beverage team and the cans have been manufactured locally in Italy, specifically, Parma.

Whilst the aesthetic design is fun and will help to promote and sell the cans, the manufacturing process involved multiple complex techniques, as well as a seamless printing process, which was all enabled through Crown’s teams. Crown chose to use its Colourful Accents™ technology in order to create the characters and this technique made it possible to produce four unique designs within the same printing run. The use of this technology provided the production process with an efficient and flexible method which can be used by all brands.

On top of this, Crown also involved it HQP (High-Quality Print) technology to provide enhancement to Ferrero’s detailed design graphics which appear on each can. To do this, the company used high-resolution printing plates and this led to the creation of top-tier print quality, with nuanced shades of colours, improved dot separation, depth and vibrant richness. All of the designs included a matte finish and this resulted in the packaging looking elegant and premium.

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