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Falconer develops sustainable cartons for the By Sarah skincare range

by | Jun 20, 2024

By Sarah is an innovative skincare care company which was founded by sisters, Lauren and Sarah. Their product focuses on restoring sensitive and stressed skin, through creating sustainable and natural skincare products.

The brand was created after Lauren was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and Sarah, who became her sister’s stem cell donor, found it difficult during Lauren’s recovery to find skincare products which would be suitable for Lauren. This difficulty came from a lack of availability of natural and effective products, therefore, Sarah decided to develop her own formula and this materialised in to the By Sarah business.

Once this brand was set up, Falconer, a leading carton manufacturer, agreed to produce the outer cartons for nine SKUs, including the packaging for serums, oils and creams and this company did this, in order to acknowledge By Sarah’s brand story. These new cartons, are primarily sustainable and they feature Incada silk which includes a matt varnish finish, plus vibrant base colours, which work together to reflect the brand’s continued optimism. The packaging also aim to help the brand’s product range stand-out.

Falconer is a West Yorkshire-based Print & Packaging manufacturer, who are well-known for their decorative printed folding cartons. This company supplies their product to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, drinks and spirits, giftware, healthcare, veterinary, pet care and luxury confectionary sectors. Their large market appeal comes from their choice to incorporate high-quality, added value finishes and to combine this with state-of-the-art equipment. This has earned the company with a reputation for delivering innovative packaging solutions, which are paired with high-quality service.

So far, the collaboration between By Sarah and Falconer has gone well and already the two companies have large developments planned for September 2024. They have also made it clear that there will be multiple more products and more innovative and sustainable skincare solutions created for their customers.

CEO and co-founder of By Sarah, Lauren Murrell, commented, “Falconer has truly embraced our brand story and mission, delivering packaging that protects our products and communicates the love and care that goes into every formulation. Their commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values.”

Sales director at Falconer, Colin Pow, added, “The collaboration with By Sarah has been an inspiring journey. We are proud to provide packaging that reflects the brand’s ethos and promotes the customer experience through design and sustainability.”

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