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FASTEN Packaging introduces Goodloop, the refillable jar

by | Dec 7, 2023

FASTEN Packaging is part of the Innovative Beauty Group (IBG) and is a company whose focus is based on leading the market on producing global beauty solutions. The brand recently announced their newest product, Goodloop, which is a refillable jar.

Goodloop is aptly named as it emphasies the themes of sustainability and the contributions the product will make to the creation of a circular economy, which the company hold as a core value. The name simultaneously depicts the company’s efforts to make the packaging look good to consumers, as well as being environmentally friendly.

The jar has been manufactured with a design that enables it to store cream products. The jar has a transparent outer jar, which features a curved inner portion, giving it a sleek appearance and this lightweight bayonet structure, eliminates the necessity of a liner, as once closed the structure makes it leak-free. The jar is also fully recyclable, as it is made of recycled polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The design allows it to be decorated with the company’s branding and it is easily refillable through twisting the bottom of the jar.

This innovative, sustainable and good-looking design has won multiple awards, due to its design being a strong representative that beauty brands can continue to advertise their product and lead the beauty industry, whilst also having sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. FASTEN’s designs of the Goodloop jar which preceded the current one, have also now won awards as well, including a Gold Award at the 2023 German Innovation Awards, a Silver Muse Design Award, an iF Design Concept Award and a Bronze Pentaward.

The Managing Director of FASTEN Packaging, Ilja Zutt, commented, “At FASTEN, we know just how important it is for brands to elevate their product’s presentation and consumer appeal, but also ensure alignment with corporate sustainability values. The Goodloop refillable jar checks all the boxes and is a solid example of how our design team continues to push the envelope in developing forward-thinking, eco-friendly packaging innovations.”

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