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Fromagerie’s and Amcor’s partnership has led to the launch of a new recyclable paper packaging for cheese

by | Dec 7, 2023

Amcor is a company who has become a global leader in the development and production of responsible packaging solutions. Fromagerie Milleret is a French family-owned business that produces cheese. These companies joined together in a collaboration and now they have announced the launch of their new form of packaging for cheese, which utilises both the company’s expertise.

The new packaging has been designed specifically for the company’s Le Baron Brie and I’Ortan Bio premium cheese. The packaging is a recycle-ready paper packaging and it is a product of the collaborating companies 30-year-long relationship. Their long-standing relationship has allowed them both to gain a full and in-depth understanding of soft cheese and the requirements this product has, packaging wise. This allows the companies to develop packaging that is suitable for the cheese as well as better for the environment.

The new design incorporates Amcor’s AmFiberTM Matrix recycle-ready breathable wrap, and the result is that the new paper packaging solution is able to be recycled just like any other paper product, in the paper streams. This ability to be recycled does not alter the quality or integrity of the product itself, allowing it to remain suitable for packaging purposes.

The innovative packaging solution has many environmental advantages, whilst simultaneously being an effective form of packaging for the cheese. One advantage is that in comparison to the previous form of packaging, the new solution contributes to a 53% reduction in water consumption. Moreover, Amcor’s AmFiber™ Matrix packaging provides the company with the opportunity to control the amount of moisture there is within the product, plus the company can also control the ripening process. Within the cheese production industry, control over moisture levels and the ripening process is an extremely important part, as packaging that does not have enough air exchange will trap excess moisture. This circumstance will lead to a soggy or undesirable texture. On the other hand, packaging with too much air exchange will cause the cheese to dry out and once again have an undesirable texture and taste.

Therefore, the solution created by Amcor is designed to carefully balance out the needs of the cheese, allowing for cheese ripening, to an appropriate degree, retaining the desired taste and texture. The packaging that has been developed, meets these requirements and meets Fromagerie Milleret’s desires for their product. Furthermore, a very important part of the process to the cheese company, is customer satisfaction, so they have ensured that the new packaging meets the customer’s preferences and demands for a natural, authentic dairy product. The new packaging design achieves this, whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing, and being more eco-friendly.

On top of this choice to redesign their packaging to be more environmentally friendly, the cheese company also ensures that they are sourcing all their milk locally. Fromagerie Milleret makes an active effort to make its business as green as possible, even through ensuring they source their milk from an average of within 30 km of its cheese factory. This further reduces their carbon footprint, by reducing how far products must travel and therefore reducing the amount of carbon emissions produced from that form of transportation.

Amcor has a wide range of products within their portfolio, with this recycle-ready packaging solution being just one of many examples of their innovative products. The company is working with a pledge they made which states they have aims to ensure that all their packaging is recyclable or reusable by 2025. Already, 80% of its global flexible packaging portfolio is available for recycle-ready solutions.

The Marketing Manager Dairy at Amcor, Laura Delapeyronnie, commented, “We know that 84% of European consumers actively seek recycling instructions on packaged products, while 60% say that recyclability instructions and sustainability logos positively influence their purchase decision. The solution is breathable in a way that protects product quality in shops and at home, addressing consumer concerns about the shelf-life of dairy products and food waste. And the packaging can be fashioned into a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.”

Export Manager at Fromagerie Milleret, Chloé Petit, “Fromagerie Milleret has been producing soft cheese products for over a century. Since our foundation, we have worked to ensure sustainability in our products. Our long-standing partnership with Amcor to produce more sustainable soft cheese packaging reinforces our shared commitment to achieving full recyclability for all our dairy products.”

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