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HexcelPack announces the upgrades that have been made to its AutoHexaFil™

by | Mar 1, 2024

HexcelPack is a company that develops eco-friendly paper-based, protective packaging solutions and AutoHexaFil™ is the company’s fully automatic dispensing solutions for the company’s other product, HexaFil™.

The company recently announced that they have made multiple upgrades to AutoHexaFil™ so that now it offers increased packaging speeds and also comes with multiple new programming modes.

The purpose of HexcelPack’s work is to find packaging solutions which use alternative materials to replace bubble and air pillow packaging. These packaging solutions would also be available as alternatives to other plastics, paper or foam-based materials that are used for packaging. In particular the company are drawing consumer and companies’ attention to their newly developed and upgraded AutoHexaFil™. This fully automated dispensing solution, which was designed for the company’s HexaFil™ is a step forwards for the plastic free packaging industry which HexcelPack hope will encourage other companies to follow in their footsteps and they also hope to provide their current product with as much exposure as possible.

The upgrades that HexcelPack applied have given the machine a speed that is 16% faster in comparison to alternative methods. The machine also has a programmable screen and a foot pedal that enables electric operation. HexaFil™ is quickly dispensed from the innovative machine and it can be dispensed until it reaches the desired length. Furthermore, the specific modes which the company have chosen to include are, cut-to-length bulk bin filling, cut-to-length with a preset quantity, cut-to-length which will hold until pulled by the operator and finally manual continuous length which will be cut when the foot pedal is released.

The other advantages of this machine and upgrade is that it is now completely customisable so that it can fit atop packaging conveyor systems, plus it has optional wheels so that it can be easily maneuvered or remain stable on the packing table. Also, after several tests were performed on the system and it was proven that AutoHexaFil™ is durable and it is easy for paper to be loaded into the machine quickly and easily. The final advantage is that more testing of the machine, portrayed that it is efficient and almost completely jam-free.

Partner at HexcelPack, Lorne Herszkowicz, commented, “At HexcelPack, our team is dedicated to innovating sustainable packaging solutions that help companies increase efficiency, all while offering supreme product protection and minimizing environmental impact. We are thrilled to be showcasing our newly enhanced AutoHexaFil™ to the material handling, logistics and supply chain community at MODEX.”

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