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ID SCENT’S FIRST ANNIVERSARY A Year Marked by Innovation and Ambition

by | Apr 18, 2024

In Spring 2023, Aptar Beauty acquired the company iD SCENT and its scented paper technology. One year on, the results are promising. Beauty and spirits brands are showing real interest in these new paper sampling formats. Aptar Beauty takes great pride in the flourishing new launches on the market, as well as exciting new products and developments to come.


iD SCENT’s know-how is based on a highly-specialized technique of encapsulating perfume in paper fibres. By integrating this new expertise, Aptar Beauty has expanded its fragrance sampling offering with solutions that are both differentiating, customizable and e-commerce capable.

The iD SCENT and Aptar Beauty scented sample is a new flagship product, aligned with market demands: its exclusive, innovative technology is sure to spark consumer interest. It allows an infinite number of customization options, both in terms of shapes and finishes. It plays on the senses thanks to its long-lasting olfactory dimension and the integrity of the fragrance, printing affects you can touch, and of course, the overall visual aesthetics.

Aptar Beauty currently offers four different formats, all developed and manufactured in France, and all adapted to fragrance sample distribution channels (press, point of sale, e-commerce, e-sampling).


A patented paper object recreating the same design as the bottle, which reveals a detachable perfume applicator/tester, thereby reproducing the gesture of opening the cap of a perfume bottle. The applicator transfers the fragrance to the skin.


A double-sided test card, decorated on one side and scented on the other, which is fully customizable. The power of the fragrance is intensified through touch.


A card with a window to open revealing encapsulated fragrance, with an intensity that increases through touch.


A folded card containing a sample of scented paper to peel off and apply directly to the skin, using a gesture inspired by make-up.

iD SCENT solutions offer a unique olfactory experience. They are considered as truly innovative, disruptive and sustainable communication tools, and as able to respond to the unprecedented challenges of promotional marketing and the ever-changing distribution channels. These full-service solutions are highly versatile and can be used in both perfumery and spirits sectors, adapting to all markets: premium, luxury, niche brands, masstige market, etc.


“We are seeing a strong interest from brands in iD SCENT technology, thanks to its durable and highly customizable nature. The fragrance lasts for at least a year, as proven by stability tests! The creativity offered by this sampling solution is limitless. We can achieve many types of shapes, cuttings, decorations and embellishments,” says Saveria Guelfucci, EMEA Marketing Manager Beauty Mini Packaging and Turnkey Solutions by Aptar™.

iD SCENT’s innovation reached new heights thanks to Aptar’s large-scale production capacity and international deployment.

“We want to make iD SCENT technology a standard in the world of sampling, which is currently being transformed by new distribution channels such as e-commerce and digital. We also want to support retail in the changes it is facing, as well as brands with more effective communications in line with their environmental commitments,” adds Benoît Mirandel, Director of Turnkey Solutions by Aptar™.


Recyclability certification

As part of Aptar Beauty, iD SCENT offers recyclability certificates issued by the independent European organization cyclos-HTP. This label certifies that all iD SCENT samples are recyclable in the paper stream. This approach is part of Aptar’s DNA: to innovate while respecting environmental issues.

A dedicated sales force

Aptar Beauty has dedicated a specific sales force to iD SCENT innovations. “The opportunities generated by iD SCENT solutions are fully supported by trained sales teams. We have received very good feedback from our presentations at trade shows and from tests carried out for our customers using their fragrances. We have also attracted some major brands in the United States,” says Benoît Mirandel.

Ongoing developments

A marketing team is currently developing ideas for complementary ranges, with two new products to be revealed in 2024.

In a single year, Aptar Beauty has propelled iD SCENT solutions onto the international stage, driving its industrial development. In addition to its creations for perfume, cosmetics and spirits brands, the group has unleashed its ambition to deploy whole new ways of serving its customers.

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