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Inteplast collaborates with VerdaFresh over barrier film creation

by | May 2, 2024

Inteplast and VerdaFresh’s collaboration has led to the development of a high barrier flexible film. This product is an excellent breakthrough as it will extend the shelf life of food and will also reduce the amount of waste caused by packaging.

VerdaFresh is a provider of sustainable food packaging solutions and Inteplast BOPP Films is a manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene films.

These companies agreed to collaborate in order to challenge the norm when it comes to packaging. Normally aluminium barrier films, which contain PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride), and EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) are used for packaging sensitive products. However, Inteplast and VerdaFresh’s clever collaboration found that their WTVR (water vapor transmission rate) and OTR (oxygen transmission rate) barriers are much better for the product and for the environment. Whilst these materials do not contain any plastic, they still provide more than adequate protection and they also produce less waste even during the production-to-end user pipeline.

It has been proven that VerdaFresh’s ultra-thin barrier behaves as a mono-material which is excellent for the company, who was recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), due to their product passing the Critical Guidance test for barrier packaging recyclability. Also, being recognised as a mono-material is excellent news for the packaging industry as well, due to the current rise in demand for mono-material packaging solutions.

The collaborating companies are already planning their next development, which will remain along the mono-material lines and will also be fully recyclable and APR-approved.

General manager and vice president of BOPP Films, Paul Marquard, said that ‘this project supports eliminating food waste through sustainable packaging.’

Marquard commented, “Alongside VerdaFresh, we’re developing packaging and film solutions that meet the demand for sustainable yet economical barrier packaging. Our oriented films, with their high moisture barrier, perfectly complement VerdaFresh’s coating technology and ensure superior oxygen protection. Together, we’re addressing the critical need to protect products and extend shelf life while embracing sustainability and functionality.”

CEO of VerdaFresh, Dave Klopp, mentioned, “We are excited to offer a combined product technology to the market, keeping our promise to deliver packaging that offers full product protection and provides sustainably manufactured materials, which ultimately benefit our customers and the food industries we all serve.”

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