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ITP received an award for its FreezyPeel packaging

by | Jun 12, 2024

ITP’s FreezyPeel film recently received an award, after it was recognised for packaging which emphasised accessibility and is also beneficial to the environment. On top of this, the award also highlighted the designer’s desire to make the packaging suitable for current consumer’s needs, therefore making it suitable for an aging generation and single-family households, through making it easy to access and a straightforward way to reduce waste.

FreezyPeel was specifically selected for its user-friendly design, which includes infographics on the packaging, explaining how to open the packaging, without the need for scissors. This design and the award portray ITP’s clear commitment to catering to consumer needs, as well as to the requirements of the environment and environmental sustainability.

The packaging designed by ITP was created with the intention that it would package frozen foods and it has already created a statement through its accessibility and its eco-sustainability. FreezyPeel has been designed with a peelable coextruded polyethylene monofilm, which effectively achieves convenience, safety and sustainability and through combining these qualities, ITP has created a brilliant and innovative new form of packaging for the market.

On top of these qualities, FreezyPeel also eliminates the need for scissors, due to its easy-open feature. This forward-thinking design functions through the consumer being guided to pull two flaps in opposite directions, just as if they were opening a bag of crisps. This system showcases how the packaging is better for the environment and also puts user accessibility first.

During development, one of the biggest challenges when creating this packaging, was to ensure that it would function at low temperatures, such as -20 degrees Celsius. This was a large challenge, as it is at low temperatures when polymers can become brittle and seals can become weaker. However, the team developed their innovative packaging solution through the use of bubble-blow coextrusion, which led to ITP balancing the film’s stiffness and puncture resistance, whilst maintaining good mechanical properties and finally, helped them to keep a glossy surface for flexo-printed images intact. As the company was able to do this, they have now made the packaging available in a variety of thicknesses and they have created a white version and a transparent version. Both of these versions of the packaging are recyclable mono-materials which are created out of polyethylene.

This new packaging is extremely beneficial to the environment and also highlights the importance of sustainable packaging for the frozen food industry.

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