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Jimmy’s Coffee has completed a sustainable packaging trial

by | Mar 1, 2024

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is a well-know coffee brand that has always shown an active interest in being more sustainable. Recently the company announced the completion of a trial they have been running, which was focused on sustainable packaging.

This trial has been completed and its predominant focus was to test the potential for using zero tree packaging cartons. This trial has now been marked as a success and the company has been able to integrate the new packaging method into their full e-commerce product line. This development not only improves the packaging that is being used, but it also aligns with Jimmy’s B Corp status, whilst simultaneously portraying their dedication and drive towards reducing deforestation, minimising carbon emissions and pushing other companies and consumers to aim to use more sustainable practices.

This type of packaging, Zero tree packaging, has been created out of materials that are sourced from crop waste. This sourcing technique was made possible and reliable by Raw Packaging and it has made this innovative packaging solution possible. Through saving and repurposing agricultural by-products and using them during the packaging manufacturing process, the process helps to prevent deforestation, whilst it also reduces carbon emissions that are produced through traditional packaging production methods. This new packaging process means that a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution will now be available on the market and this will encourage the support of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee’s mission to encourage sustainable consumption and environmentally responsible practices.

The popular iced coffee brand has expressed pride in this new development and in becoming a leading company within the sustainable beverage industry. This packaging design marks a significant step forward in the plastic-free and sustainability journey, both for the company and for the whole beverage industry.

Jimmy’s Head of Operations, Ben Nethersole, said, “By switching to packaging made from crop waste, we are helping to change the mindset of where materials are sourced from, a critical step in conserving our planet’s vital ecosystems. Furthermore, this environmentally conscious approach significantly lowers carbon emissions, playing an integral role in combating climate change. Incorporating zero tree packaging into our e-commerce range underscores our commitment to sustainability while appealing to a wider audience that values eco-friendly alternatives. We believe this initiative will resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and reinforce our dedication to making responsible choices throughout our business operations.”

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