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Kari-Out® launches condiment packet which is compostable

by | Apr 10, 2024

Innovative company Kari-Out® have developed a first ever plant-based packaging, that is designed to be used as condiment packets, which are compostable. Kari-Out® is a foodservice packaging company and their condiment packets are 100% compostable and will also effectively preserve the shelf life of the product inside.

The newly manufactured packets are an excellent breakthrough for the food packaging market. They are TUV certified and it is possible for consumers to simply dispose of them at home, as they are compostable. Plus, Kari-Out® have made the packets suitable for a variety of condiments and other product. The company have also added detail to the design and have provided customers with choice between a clear exterior, to help them view the product, or a paper exterior. Furthermore, it is possible to print logos and other product information on the packets. Altogether, this means that the quality of the condiments is not affected, whilst the new design reduces the amount of plastic waste and consumers are able to continue using condiments in a more environmentally friendly way.

Kari-Out® CEO, Paul Epstein, commented, “We have searched the world for a technology that allows us to protect the environment as well as the quality and shelf life of our products, and this is it.”

Paul and his brothers, David and Adam, added, “For us, that means looking at new ways to shrink our footprint,” they say, and emphasize: “These little packets are a big deal. Like an orange peel, the material protects what’s inside, naturally decomposes and returns to nature. It’s an exciting innovation and just one part of the many ways we continue to look for the newest earth-friendly solutions for our customers.”

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