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Keurig reveals K-Rounds, their plastic-free coffee pods

by | Mar 14, 2024

Keurig has announced their recent success in creating the K-Round, which is a coffee pod that is almost only coffee and is a sustainable, single-serve, plastic-free coffee pod. These pods are plastic-free, aluminium-free, highly compressed and are only held together by a thin layer of alginate, a plant-based material. This makes them incredibly environmentally friendly and very sustainable.

The company has manufactured what is possibly the most sustainable way to make single-serve coffee and the company has produced these coffee pods in four separate sizes. These are: single-shot espresso, dual-shot espresso, regular cup of coffee size and a larger iced coffee size.

Furthermore, alongside their new coffee pods, Keurig also revealed their other most recent development, the Alta Brewer. This is a coffee machine that is custom-built to work with these new pods. This coffee machine is incredibly innovative, as the company have manufactured it with the ability to read the code markings that are specific to each kind of pod and it is able to adjust how the coffee is brewed based on these markings. Once this process is complete the coffee is then brewed as normal, the pod is added, the top of the machine is closed, the machine pierces the compressed pod and a cup of coffee is produced through running how water through the pod. Once the coffee is brewed, the now left over and squashed coffee ground husk has been designed to be fully compostable, so once Keurig has received certification that these pods can be composted, the final step of this process is to dispose of the pod appropriately.

The next steps for this company, involve deciding on the best packaging and pricing for the innovative pods. So far, they know they are aiming for sustainable packaging and have considered carboard tubes, however, they have to find a suitable method, as the pods are said to have a six-month shelf-life and once opened and on the counter, they will provide up to a month of freshness.

These new coffee pods and this system have the potential to have large and excellent benefits for the coffee industry and for the environment. They will bring with them many benefits and the company is now in the final stages of designing their new products so they hope the pods and the machine will soon be available on the market.

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