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Lululemon Announces Launch of T-Shirt Made From Plant-Based Nylon

by | May 2, 2023

Lululemon has launched its first t-shirts made from plant-based nylon as part of a long-term partnership with sustainable materials leader Geno. 

The products are a result of a 2021 partnership born from Lululemon’s equity investment in biotechnology company Geno. 

The shirts are made from at least 50% biologically sourced nylon, at least 40% recycled polyester and 3% elastane which is made with 30% plant-based content. 

Customers won’t have to worry about paying more for Lululemon’s environmentally friendly t-shirts as they cost the same as the conventional versions. 

Lululemon aims to make 100% of its products with sustainable materials by 2030. Therefore, the activewear giant has forged partnerships with several companies that make innovative sustainable materials. 

In February 2022, Lululemon launched a meditation and yoga mat bag and the Lululemon barrel duffel bag made out of mycelium-based leather from Mylo. 

Image courtesy of Lululemon

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