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LyondellBasell gains 50% stake in Dutch plastic recycler which will benefit their plastic waste feedstock

by | Oct 18, 2023

Through a partnership with Rodepa Vastgoed B.V., LyondellBasell has been able to announce that the company gained a 50% stake in the Dutch plastic recycler. Rodepa Vastgoed is the holding company of De Paauw Sustainable Resources (DPSR). DPSR, the Dutch plastic waste recycler is an excellent investment for LyondellBasell to make, as DPSR is involved in sourcing, processing and trading of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic packaging waste and this will provide LyondellBasell with multiple advantages.

Since being founded in 1956, DPSR has grown into one of the Benelux region’s leading recyclers. The company processes plastic waste and turn it into recycled polypropylene (PP) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) materials. The company performs these operations at their facilities in Hengelo and Enschede in the Netherlands. The facilities have an annual processing capacity equivalent to the amount of plastic packaging waste generated by more than 1.7 million Dutch citizens per year. By investing in DPSR, LyondellBasell will be able to grow their company as their feedstock supply will grow, showing why this investment was necessary and a step forwards for the companies.

LyondellBasell executive vice president, circular and low carbon solutions, Yvonne van der Laan, said, “Investing in DPSR aligns with our strategy to increase our access to plastic waste feedstock, which supports our integrated hub strategy that allows us to build scale and expand our production and offering of mechanically recycled CirculenRecover products. Demand for recycled plastics continues to grow as consumers and brand owners ask for sustainable materials.”

In the past, LyondellBasell’s previous investment with Stiphout Industries B.V. gained LyondellBasell another 50% stake and this highlights that the company is well-established and understands the importance of reducing plastic packaging and plastic waste within the world.

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