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Marks and Spencer switch from plastic to paper bags for life

by | Sep 20, 2023

Marks and Spencer have developed a new water resistant paper bag, which is reusable, strong and sturdy and recyclable.

The new bag for life is capable of carrying up to six four-pint milk bottles, the equivalent of carrying more than 15kg. The bags are also water resistant as during the manufacturing process resin is applied to the bag, providing it with that quality.

Since being developed the bags have been certified by the new Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the bags are now available in every M&S store in the UK. Furthermore, a team from the University of Sheffield researched the environmental impact of the bag and the results of this research were announced by, Victoria McKenzie-Gould, the M&S director of corporate affairs, who said “We now have a solution that is better environmentally and which helps customers looking to make small changes to reduce their environmental footprint. On the odd occasion when we all need to reach for one more bag, we’re pleased to be offering a more sustainable option for customers.”

The bags are manufactured using renewable energy at a hydro-powered paper mill in Scandinavia. This means that everything about these bags, from their manufacturing process, to their qualities throughout their life, plus the fact that they are recyclable is a step towards a plastic waste free world and bags for life becoming much more environmentally friendly.

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