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Massachusetts ends all single-use-plastic bottle sales

by | Sep 20, 2023

Governor Maura Healey has taken a strong drive towards dealing with environmental issues, since taking office in January. Healey’s most recent announcement was the Massachusetts agencies decision to end all sales of single-use-plastic bottles.

Healey explained her reasons behind this decision, “Plastic production and plastic waste are among the leading threats to our oceans, our climate, and environmental justice. In government, we have an obligation to stop contributing to this damage and chart a better path forward. So, we are proud to become the first state to adopt a procurement ban on single-use plastic bottles.”

Healey also outlined her plan of action for driving towards this step in reducing plastic waste, “Steps will include taking swift action to stem the loss of our salt marshes — which provide critically important habitat, protect inland areas from storm impacts, and remove large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. We will be looking at strategies such as ‘marine protected areas’ to ensure coastal and ocean habitats critical to biodiversity can recover and thrive. Our seas and forests are the most fundamental climate resources we have; we are determined to protect them.”

This step forwards for reducing plastic usage in Massachusetts is a huge step towards reducing plastic waste and this commitment to ending single-use-plastic bottle sales portrays how serious Healey is about creating a more sustainable environment, reducing pollution and working towards an eco-friendlier economy.

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