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Metal container manufacturer produces sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions with help from Lindum

by | Jul 10, 2024

Through a partnership with Lindum, a metal container manufacturer has reviewed and optimised its packaging process and this has resulted in a huge accomplishment. The company has been able to reach a 49% cost saving of stretch film packaging, whilst also creating a reduction of more than eight tonnes of plastic usage on an annual basis.

Lindum is a company who is based in Grimsby and who have a dedicated focus on pallet stability and stretch film wrap. Their aim is to help companies save money, reduce plastic, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and finally, improve packaging performance.

In order to achieve this aim, Lindum manufactures a variety of packaging products, including food cans intended for restaurants, to items such as large containers which are built to meet the toughest regulations when it comes to packaging for hazardous chemical goods. Due to the work Lindum does, the can manufacturer approached the company, in the hope that Lindum would help them find a way to reduce its plastic usage and also cut down packaging costs, whilst ensuring that the product protection was not compromised.

The first stage of this agreement involved Lindum visiting the company’s site and during this time, Lindum found that the company was constantly wrapping lightweight products in a heavy film. Doing this meant that their Tosa high-speed ring wrapper was performing inefficiently and the company was certainly not running under optimal conditions. Running the process this way, meant that the company was producing excessive plastic usage, along with inflated packaging costs.

Lindum instantly decided to make a change involving adjusting and improving the wrapping settings on the Tosa wrapper machine and on top of this, they introduced a high performance 12micron Carestretch Nano Technology film. By making these simple changes, Lindum managed to reduce material and cost savings, whilst also maintaining the important protection and performance of the material. These improvements were showcased through the price of the stretch film per pallet being reduced from £0.81 to £0.41, a 49% reduction. Plus, the stretch film consumption significantly dropped by 64% and this consequently amounted to the company saving more than eight tonnes of plastic every year. This was both hugely beneficial to the company and it also depicted the company’s commitment to reaching their sustainability goals and to contribute to the environment in a positive way.

A large benefit of this improvement process, was that even though there was a large reduction in material usage and costs, Lindum and the can manufacturing company ensured that the quality and performance of the packaging was maintained. This meant that products continued to be securely wrapped and protected both in transit and in storage and consequently the brand reputation was sustained, as was customer satisfaction.

Sales Manager at Lindum, Rick Sellars, commented, “Through strategic collaboration and innovative packaging solutions, we have helped this company to achieve its twin objectives of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By optimizing wrapping settings and introducing advanced stretch film technology, we not only delivered substantial material and cost savings but also contributed to a greener and more sustainable future. This successful partnership serves as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing packaging challenges while driving business growth and environmental stewardship.”

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