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Metsä Board’s paper boards have been awarded a home compostability certification

by | Jan 31, 2024

Metsä Board has been awarded the home compostability certification, from its work with white kraftliners and folding boxboards.

Metsä Board is part of Metsä Group and the company received their certification from DIN CERTCO for their continued compliance with standard NF T 51-800.

Meeting these standards can be seen throughout most of Metsä Board’s paper boards, excluding their use of PE-coated grades. The paperboards are manufactured from fresh wood fibres and are also safe and suitable for use on sensitive end use applications. The boards are lightweight and developed with the use of mostly fossil free energy. Altogether, this means the products contribute to a lower carbon footprint both during the manufacturing process and as an end product.

Product Safety Manager at Metsä Board, Helena Moring-Vepsäläinen, “All our paperboards can be recycled, which is the preferable option when the packaging or food service container has served its purpose. However, sometimes the packaging material can be stained by food, and then composting with biowaste is a good choice. Our paperboards have had industrial compostability certification for several years now, and home compostability is one step further which is certainly welcomed by consumers.”

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