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Mktg unveils new sustainable beauty brand

by | Nov 7, 2023

Mktg has recently set an excellent example for the cosmetics industry which follows Mktg’s aim to be sustainable and respect the environment. They have done this through highlighting these qualities within their new make-up brand.

Mktg have created a new make-up brand called I-CARE which places sustainability at the heart of the make-up development process, whilst also ensuring the make-up itself is of high quality. The brand have been able to develop beauty products which are high quality and demonstrate a drive towards protecting the environment through the use of mono-material PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). This is a plastic which is well-known within the industry as being a highly recycled and reused material which is generally easily available. PET is most commonly used in plastic bottles, but I-CARE have taken PET and used it as a material for cosmetic product packaging, in an innovative new drive towards creating sustainable make-up.

The product is a groundbreaking invention which is 100% recyclable, this involves the entire package, which can be collected, recycled and used to create new PET items. Already this is an incredibly significant step towards reducing and minimising plastic waste, alongside the aim to only use resources responsibly. This idea of responsibility is aided by the packaging’s ability to be recycled easily, through the material allowing the entire package to simply be placed into the PET recycling chain, keeping the process simple and efficient. Other benefits that come along with this new design include the transparency the material lends to the product, which gives it the opportunity to appear pleasing to consumers, as well as sustainability and being eco-friendly featuring as qualities which run through the entire product, right down to a brush. The lip gloss comes with a brush that is manufactured out of vegan hair.

These combined qualities highlight how committed I-CARE is to sustainability within the beauty industry, along with creating high quality beauty products which are good for consumers, without damaging the environment. Their work demonstrates that it is possible to be environmentally friendly and adapt practises and products to fit the aim of reducing plastic waste, becoming more sustainable, whilst also maintaining excellent quality within a product.

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